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A Message from the CEO: CSI Launch

A Message from the CEO: CSI Launch

Welcome to CodeLogic Continuous Software Intelligence.

I’m Brian Pierce, CodeLogic CEO. I’ve spent decades working in and running companies that serve software engineers and development teams. I’ve seen and heard everything – from triumphs and failures to genius insights and downright bullshit. 

A decade ago, Marc Andreesen nailed it when he penned his seminal article for The Wall Street Journal, Why Software is Eating the World. Marc’s message was spot-on as the ability to innovate with disruptive applications defines industry winners and losers.   

While Mr. Andreesen focused on what software meant for markets and organizations, software development itself has had a correlated impact. Specifically, the universality of software across businesses, and the entire technology landscape, has resulted in a level of complexity never before seen by humans.

Today, our CodeLogic platform has stepped up to address the runaway complexity juggernaut that bogs down software innovation and developer productivity. I know these words are overused and often empty, but at CodeLogic, we’re introducing a massive breakthrough called Continuous Software Intelligence.

Every day, software developers make code changes knowing there is a high probability that the changes they push and commit will break something. Not just the build, but break the application further downstream. We all know this pervasive problem slows dev teams, impairs productivity, and, ultimately, makes innovation more difficult. Until now, traditional Software Intelligence (SI) and application scanning tools have relied on the static scanning of source code, failing to address this issue.

At CodeLogic, our mission is to help dev teams make sense of the complex and, once and for all, eliminate the break/fix cycle that is all too common. 

Our website puts it more bluntly – Don’t break shit: code fearlessly.

Launching today, CodeLogic Continuous Software Intelligence (CSI) is the first and only platform that exposes all of your software interdependencies. With CodeLogic, dev teams have unparalleled visibility into software connections and endpoints not detected in the source code itself, including inserted third-party libraries, stored procedure calls, and database connections. We can dig deep into all code, from methods to APIs to databases—by performing post-compile scans of binary code and scanning runtime environments.

Software complexity is a growing and untenable problem that businesses of every size will continue to face as their systems change and evolve. With CodeLogic, software engineers don’t have to work in perpetual fear of software changes and avoid touching things that they know will break. 

Whether you write software for your operational purposes, or supply, consult, or outsource software services, bringing CSI into your development cycles will soon be a defining characteristic of your business success.

When I joined CodeLogic five months ago, (and the reason I took the gig), I was blown away by one of the smartest and most pragmatic technical teams I’ve ever met. Why? First, the entire team had a singular vision to address the cause and effect of the decades-long build-up of software complexity. Secondly, they had the will and resolve to do something about it.

I invite you to learn more about our views on software complexity and how we address this industry-wide problem with Continuous Software Intelligence. You can download our white paper on CSI HERE and read our news release HERE.  

~ Brian Pierce, CEO 

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