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Frequently Asked Questions

CodeLogic installs an agent on your servers where it extracts code, application, and database metadata. The agent sends metadata to the on-premise CodeLogic server, analyzes the data and generates a complete application map. CodeLogic’s web and desktop interfaces provide access to interactive application visualizations, analysis tools, and dashboards.

CodeLogic supports scanning for Java and .NET codebases. CodeLogic also scans JDBC compliant databases and tests against Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, and Postgres.

The CodeLogic server runs in your environment (either cloud or on-premise.) Dependency data stays in your environment.

CodeLogic runs in a Linux environment (Ubuntu, Fedora, or RHEL) and is installed via standard package managers (apt-get or RPM). CodeLogic is a containerized application running under Docker Compose. We recommend a dedicated virtual machine with 16GM of RAM and 4 logical processors to get started. More information can be found here.

CodeLogic’s binary and runtime scanning agents are installed on your servers to extract application and database metadata. We recommend a non-production environment. The metadata is sent to your CodeLogic server, analyzed, and generates the dependency graph. Visualizations and reports are then available through a browser.

Linux hosted agents typically require 1 GB of RAM and Windows up to 4 GB. More information can be found here.

Dependency data stays on your CodeLogic server and is architected for security.

CodeLogic captures structure and dependency information and not content. It knows what methods are in a class and how methods interact but does not copy the source code. It knows a column is in a database table but never accesses the data.

CodeLogic never accesses the actual data in a database. For example, CodeLogic could reveal a social security number column and its associated relationships in a database but does not access the social security number itself.

Yes, expert support is available at with next business day response during Central US business hours.

Yes. We offer additional help with set-up for those that need it. Contact us at, and we’ll make sure you get the support you need.

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