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CodeLogic Engineers to Speak at Neo4j GraphConnect Conference

CodeLogic Engineers to Speak at Neo4j GraphConnect Conference

From Relational to Graph: How going graph revealed the unknown 

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Mapping complex codebases

Making informed development decisions requires a strong understanding of the connections and complexity within and across your application landscape. With software changing faster than ever and dozens of applications to manage within a single enterprise, it is often difficult to obtain a clear view of how everything fits together. CodeLogic equips engineers with the most comprehensive software dependency data available, combining binary and runtime scanning to create a complete graph of an application’s structure.

CodeLogic Application Overview

What you will learn

In this session, you will learn how CodeLogic utilizes Neo4j and CypherQL to capture and analyze data achieved through application profiling, and how their data model visually mimics the source code itself. Jason Schatz (Principal Software Development Engineer, CodeLogic) and Rob Vrooman (Principal Software Development Engineer, CodeLogic), team up to discuss how moving from a relational database to a Neo4j graph database gave them the ability to visualize and distill complex codebases quickly. Attendees will learn a rare use case for graph and see how the CodeLogic backend models data into simplified maps that can be easily analyzed to identify cross-application dependencies, navigate code change impact, and ultimately reveal the bigger picture.

For more information, watch our video: CodeLogic Application Overview Feature

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